Covid-19 Infection Control

Your Health

Before we discuss our measures, we will request that all clients/ students be fit and healthy on arrival. We urge you to postpone if you have meet anyone suffering symptoms of Covid-19, or have any inclination, whatsoever, that you may be experiencing symptoms yourself.

1-2-1 client & student service is currently in practice

Throughout July 2020 & August there will only be 1-2-1 service available. Wherever possible social distancing will be maintained. PPE is available where necessary. Please feel free to bring your own. Throughout July we ask you to bring your own snacks and lunch. We will have bottled water in the Academy. Sanitisers and hand washing facilities are available in the Academy.

On Arrival

Sanitiser is available and required on entering the centre. Sanitiser gel and sprays are available and encouraged throughout. We request that hair is tied back, that you wear clean clothes, and minimal or no jewellery.

Our Environment

Regular cleaning will be carried out before each client/student. All fire doors will be propped open. All windows will be fully open (rain permitting).

Students will be asked to clean all equipment before and after use.

Practical Skin Treatments

All treatments will be carried out on models 121 all models will have temperature checked before treatment.

Video Content

You will be supplied with video content of all treatments carried out on your training day. We strongly urge you to practice your new skills as soon as you can.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch